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Copy of The Power Of 3



In 2014 three women, friends and fashion graduates from the prestigious Tel Aviv Shenkar School of Design launched TRES - a fashion brand built on the principle of women creating for women.  Over the years, the brand has evolved into a local landmark with two boutiques, elegantly presenting their wide range of meticulously tailored, fashion-forward designs.   
With stylish essentials, chic denim and versatile day-to-evening dresses - the brand remains committed to sustainability in its use of eco-friendly and natural materials.  Its production process is largely local, yet also extends to quality-driven producers worldwide.  
The designers of TRES look forward to meeting you and sharing their vision for the brand that has become a staple for women, who appreciate quality and sustainable fashion by marrying the latest trends with timeless aesthetics and effortless chique.


TRES has 2 stores in Tel aviv:

The Flagship store on 58 Ahad Haam st, Central Tel Aviv, And on

Neot Affeka, 65 Pinhas rozen st. North Tel aviv.